The carpet cleaning industry is a highly unpredictable industry as per the cleaning price is concerned. The average companies are charging within $25 to $100 per room whereas in case of big & reputed companies this price rises up to $500/-. This Huge price difference between average & premium services does not observe in any other industry.

This high price difference always creates a dilemma among the customer & house owner. They always think twice before selecting any average carpet cleaner whether the cleaning companies will clean properly in less price or not. The average price is the actual price and they neither overcharge nor under-charge. So trust them and hire undoubtedly.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Here is a List of Basic Cleaning Prices for Different Cleaning Category.

Cost of Carpet Cleaning:

A professional carpet cleaning service is required for your home carpet to remain clean, new type, look good and free from tear & fungal infection. The professional carpet cleaners are charging some prices for their services which highly dependent upon the size and area of carpet.

As per the industries average charges, it is $25/- to $100/- per room and extra charges may impose for the work of shifting furniture & other heavy equipment. So it is advised to clean the room by you before calling any carpet cleaner to avoid the extra charges.

Some Cleaning Companies are set their price as per calculating the area and charge according to the square foot basis. It cost for smaller rooms below the size of the standard room in your house. But the smaller rooms or houses have charged extra set up & traveling cost by the company. So the average price of the two types of calculation method is the same.

As per the square feet calculation, it is 35 to 60 cents per square feet area. A company has detail guidelines regarding price calculation & service policy on their website. You should visit the website of Same Day Cleaning to more about the price of carpet cleaning.

Cost Difference:

There is a cost difference in carpet cleaning service between the Steam Carpet Cleaning & dry carpet cleaning. The dry cleaning process unable to clean the carpet deeply but still it cost more than the steam cleaning. This is because of the readymade usability. The owner doesn’t have to wait for day long to walk over the carpet after cleaning. This facility only cost around $400/- to $600 to clean a 2000 square feet house.

In case of steam clean, it takes 24 hours to dry the carpet & ready to use. So for this demerits, it cost little lower around &200/- to & $ 400/- for carpet cleaning of same 2000 sq ft home.

Hidden Cost:

There are many hidden costs involved in the cleaning process. It is advisable to know details about the services for what you are paying for. In some cases the cleaners charge for furniture sifting, removing the deep stain with special treatment.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning
Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Hire Professionals: Same Day Cleaning

In some cases, the company charge extra money for color repair, dying, drying & other extra services. So you should talk clearly about the services & prices otherwise the cleaning companies may charge extra amount unnecessarily.We at Same Day Cleaning ensure the most compatible prices are offered to our customers. So that they need not to worry about the cost incurred on their carpet cleaning. We offer same day cleaning services available so that you can ensure best cleaning services at the doorstep.