Your carpet gets its highest number of wet footfalls during the rainy season. Not only that you carry rainwater through your shoes, clothes & other materials into your home carpet. During heavy rain and storm situation, the protected barrier of home like wall & roof is turned in to the reason for water flooding inside the room.

Our experts are describing some of the precautions to apply during rainy days for minimum damage done to your carpet and you do not have to do the frequent carpet flood water damage restoration work.

Carpet flood water damage restoration


Believe or not we are unable to handle the number of carpet flooding cases we get during rainy season each year. We have to create some emergency team and keep them alert for 24 hours to handle any problems due to heavy flooded water on rainy days. People are calling us for carpet restoration from every corner of the city. You can also call us if you need any Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration work.

It is really a very difficult task to handle the problem of so many people at a time with our limited expert because there are more people and more houses in this city than the number of cleaners & restoration expert we have. The demand is more and the supply is less to as the rain hit in same time & location for everyone.

Below Mention Precaution Should be Taken by you Before the Rain Comes to Avoid Any Unwanted Situation…

  • Check your roof and verify the potential leakage & roof weakness is there or not. If found any repair immediately before the rain comes. The roof water flooding situation inside the home is very critical as the rooftop water is able to wet the entire area of the carpet.
  • Check any wall leakage. The protective wall sometimes cracked due to an earthquake or plant root or any other natural or manmade reason. These cracks are a suitable place to enter rainwater inside your home and dump your carpet. Once your carpet gets damp there is no way left except the carpet flood water damage restoration process.
  • Check your ground level foundation meant to protect from the rainwater flowing on the ground during the heavy rain. If your foundation is damaged due to any reason then your carpet is not safe during rainy days.

Hire Professional Assistants

Check all these precautions before the rain comes unless you are not able to protect your carpet except for the help of our expert. The effect of the rainwater damage remains a longer period than any other water damage. Getting flooded with rainwater in your home is just a starting problem. The real problem will come after that one by one if you are not aware of the carpet flood water damage restoration and start it in quicktime with the help of Same Day Cleaning.

The situation turns in to worse to worsen in every passing time. Gradually water extraction is not the only problem there; other bonus problems like molds, rotten smell, and microorganism contamination are all growing.

Call Us for Immediate Action Unless You Will Lose Your Carpet.